S. K. Stafeev, I. L. Livshits, A. V. Olshevskaya, V. A. Zhogina, E. A. Denisova, G. L. Markina, U. H. Paul

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Retrospective structure analysis of the European scientific and technological platforms – photonics, nanomaterials and photovoltaics – is represented from the point of view of their structure, interpenetration of subjects and dynamics of the changes which have occurred over the last ten years. Geoinformation component of the European optical education is analyzed. Criteria of research and the ontological models, giving the possibility to reveal correlations between development of scientific researches and industrial applications, on the one hand, and dynamics of educational programs on optics, photonics and optical informatics are described. Data on quantitative and high-quality changes in educational programs and appropriate academic degrees on the corresponding training directions are submitted. The material is illustrated with fragments of the associative card "Modern Directions of Researches in the Field of Optics, Photonics and Optical Information" and the conceptual card "European Scientific and Technological Platforms". The tag cloud is given in lower ontological level for two concrete subject domains of "Lasers" and "Optics Communications". Convergent and divergent trends, characteristic for the last decade development of optics, photonics and optical informatics in Europe are formulated. The main trends are: the directions and rates of the market development correlate with geoinformation data on the European scientific and educational tendencies; telecommunications and information technologies are dominating spheres of knowledge application and competences of the European experts in optics, photonics and optical informatics; the ontological structure of knowledge bases in the field of biophotonics, polymeric optics, photon crystals and "clever" optical metamaterials becomes more branched; a number of conceptual ontological knots in optics, photonics and optical informatics are gradually losing their relevance, being replaced by new concepts or the whole ontological branches.

Keywords: photonics, optical informatics, scientific and technological platforms, European optical education, subject ontologies, conceptual and associative cards, educational programs, divergent and convergent trends
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