V. V. Korotaev, A. V. Krasnyaschikh, S. N. Yaryshev, V. N. Hoang

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The paper deals with a new method of automatic calibration for stereoscopic system using test object. The idea of the method is to register stereoscopic image of specially selected reference object in the form of a chessboard with an extra field – a frame around chessboard – by means of two cameras. An algorithm implementing this method consists of seven stages: registration of set of images for a test object; image threshold filtering; recognition of test object by size and shape; background removal; position determination of four edge points; calibrating of the first and the second cameras; calibrating of stereoscopic system on the whole. The calibration process for the first and the second cameras and the system is performed by using a program developed by Jean-Yves Bouguet. Mathematical and physical modeling is done by means of two measuring cameras and MATLAB software package. Comparative error study for determination of the coordinates of test points in manual and automatic mode is carried out by modeling, as well as calibration error depending on the number of images obtained by stereo pair.

Keywords: automatic calibration, stereoscopic system, test object, chessboard, algorithm
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