L. S. Lysitsina, A. A. Pershin, V. L. Uskov

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 This paper is focused on efficiency of e-learning, in general, and massive online course in programming and information technology, in particular. Several innovative approaches and scenarios have been proposed, developed, implemented and verified by the authors, including 1) a new approach to organize and use automatic immediate feedback that significantly helps a learner to verify developed code and increases an efficiency of learning, 2) a new approach to construct learning interfaces – it is based on “develop a code – get a result – validate a code” technique, 3) three scenarios of visualization and verification of developed code, 4) a new multi-stage approach to solve complex programming assignments, 5) a new implementation of “perfectionism” game mechanics in a massive online course. Overall, due to implementation of proposed and developed approaches, the efficiency of massive online course has been considerably increased, particularly  1) the additional 27.9 % of students were able to complete successfully “Web design and development using HTML5 and CSS3” massive online course at ITMO University, and 2) based on feedback from 5588 students a “perfectionism” game mechanics noticeably improves students’ involvement into course activities and retention factor.

Keywords:  massive online course, efficiency of e-learning, immediate feedback, learning interfaces, scenario of code visualization and verification, game mechanics, perfectionism, synchronous learning

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