Yury Z. Polonsky

Work place: N. P. Bekhtereva Institute of the Human Brain RAMS, Laboratory of Stereotactic Methods, St. Petersburg; Leading Scientist
Post: Dr. Biolog. Sci.
Degree: д-р биолог. наук
E-mail: yzpol @qip.ru
Kozachenko A. ., Низковолос В. Б., Иванов В. А., Polonsky Y. Z., Гвоздев С. С. Локализатор для компьютерной томографии
The article was published in issue №3, volume 01, 2001
Skupov Y. ., Kiselev S. S., Anichkov A. ., Polonsky Y. Z., Seregin A. . AUTOMATED SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT FOR NEUROSURGERY
The article was published in issue №3, volume 12, 2012
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