Yury Z. Polonsky

Work place: N. P. Bekhtereva Institute of the Human Brain RAMS, Laboratory of Stereotactic Methods, St. Petersburg; Leading Scientist
Post: Dr. Biolog. Sci.
Degree: д-р биолог. наук
E-mail: yzpol @qip.ru
Kozachenko A. ., Низковолос В. Б., Иванов В. А., Polonsky Y. Z., Гвоздев С. С. Локализатор для компьютерной томографии
The article was published in issue 3(3) in 2001
Skupov Y. ., Kiselev S. S., Anichkov A. ., Polonsky Y. Z., Seregin A. . AUTOMATED SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT FOR NEUROSURGERY
The article was published in issue 3(79) in 2012
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