Alexander V. Boukhanovsky

Affiliation: ITMO University

Position: Director of eScience Research Institute of NRU ITMO

Scientific degree: D.Sc.

Academic rank: Professor

Research Interests: High-performance computing, parallel computing

Publications: The author of more than 190 publications, including 4 monographs and more than 60 journal articles

Citations: 8h-index (Scopus)


Alexander Boukhanovsky, Marian Bubak. High Performance Computations for Decision Support in Critical Situations: Introduction to the Third Workshop on Urgent Computing. Procedia Computer Science. Volume 29, 2014, Pages 1644–1645

Alexey V. Dukhanov, Valeria V. Krzhizhanovskaya, Anna Bilyatdinova, Alexander V. Boukhanovsky, Peter M.A. Sloot. Double-degree Master's Program in Computational Science: Experiences of ITMO University and University of Amsterdam. Procedia Computer Science. Volume 29, 2014, Pages 1433–1445

Sergey V. Kovalchuk, Artem V. Zakharchuk, Jiaqi Liao, Sergey V. Ivanov, Alexander V. Boukhanovsky. A Technology for BigData Analysis Task Description Using Domain-specific Languages. Procedia Computer Science. Volume 29, 2014, Pages 488–498

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