S. V. Zaytseva, V. A. Aseev, E. V. Kolobkova, N. V. Nikonorov

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Fluorophosphate glasses are among the most promising media for ytterbium erbium lasers. The following advantages of this glasses are low OH-content, simple glass synthesis process and the possibility for a relatively high dope concentration of rare-earth ions (up to 15 wt %). The paper deals with complex investigation of the spectral and luminescent properties of fluorophosphate glasses doped with different concentration of ytterbium and erbium ions. Glass compositions based on Ba(PO3)2-BaF2-СaF2-MgF2-AlF3-SrF2-YF3 with different erbium fluoride concentration (from 1 to 12.5 mol%) were synthesized by conventional high temperature method. Absorption cross-sections and Judd-Ofelt parameters were determined based on the measured absorption spectra data. Erbium ions luminescence was excited by titanium-sapphire laser at 975 nm. Stimulated emission cross section was calculated by McCumber method. Fuchtenbauer-Landenburg formula is used to calculate erbium ions radiation lifetime. Calculated integral values of the absorption cross section are greater than of conventional phosphate glasses and reach abs =1,37×10-18 cm-2 and em =1,39×10-18 cm-2. The maximum value of quantum yield was equal to 85% and was obtained for sample with the erbium concentration of 1×1020 cm-3. Increasing of erbium ion concentration from 1 to 12,9×1020 cm-2 results in reducing of quantum yield by 7%, due to the low content of hydroxyl groups in fluorophosphate glasses. These glasses are a promising material for lasers and amplifiers design operating at 1.5 μm wavelength.

Keywords: fluorophosphate glass, laser glasses, spectral and luminescent properties of erbium, ytterbium-erbium glasses

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