Editorial Policy


Currently, the formation of a new technological paradigm based on the integration of information and optical technologies is being completed round the world. On the one hand, the progress of information technologies plays a crucial role in the development of such key sectors of the global economy, as computer networks and telecommunications, engineering and high-tech manufacturing, medicine, education, navigation and control systems. On the other hand, optical methods of processing, transmission, recording and storage of information are increasingly replacing traditional ones. New generations of optical communication lines, quantum computers, displays and information display instruments, medical sensors and diagnostic tools, high-performance technologies of recording the multimedia information, quantum cryptographic systems, etc. are being created on the basis of up-to-date information and optical technologies.

Publication policy of the title is to reflect the global trend for integration of information and optical technologies mentioned above. Editorial staff publishes papers on topics covering the spectrum of issues related to the development and use of information and optical technologies and systems: new optical and "smart" materials, components of information and optical systems, optical and laser systems, computer systems and networks (including distributed computer systems, artificial intelligence technologies, simulators for compound objects and systems), application of information and optical technologies and systems in various sectors of the world economy.

Thus, editorial staff interprets the title mission in giving an opportunity for professional scientists, working in various fields of science and technology, to exchange ideas and share their research results possessing practical potential in the application of information-optical systems.


Editorial staff activity of "Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics" is focused on raising general public knowledge and awareness about the findings of research carried out both in Russia and abroad. The objectives of the journal publication are: to promote international cooperation, render assistance for carrying out interdisciplinary research on the most up-to-date world-wide level, increase the availability for exchange of stored knowledge and experience between professional scientists.

Editorial staff accepts for consideration the original, never previously published papers (with the exception of materials of scientific conferences) on the subject of the journal dealing with the new scientific results received personally by the authors. Overviews are also published describing the current state of topical development tendencies in science and technology, information about conferences, materials of scientific discussions and new books reviews.

Editorial staff accepts for publication articles of Russian and foreign authors.

The following principles are cardinal for editorial policy:
• objectivity and impartiality in the selection of papers to be published;
• high standards in approach towards the quality of scientific research;
• collective nature of decision-making on the publication of papers;
• simplicity and efficiency in dealing with the authors;
• strict compliance with copyright and related rights;
• strict timekeeping as for the schedule of the issue.

A high level of scientific publications is provided by a multi-stage system of peer review for all papers. It gives the possibility to select proceedings that: contain significant scientific results, take into account the experience of foreign scholars and are of interest to the international scientific community. Вoth foreign and Russian experts in the journal scientific areas are included in the membership of reviewers.

After a paper has been reviewed, the author is sent the written text of the review and a copy of the manuscript with reviewer's and scientific editor’s comments for improvement. The dates of paper submission and subsequent revised versions are indicated when the paper is being published.

Editorial staff has the right to decline a paper publication relying on the review results, incompatibility of the paper materials with the topics of the journal, as well as the unsatisfactory quality of presented materials.


     The title subject area includes sections describing the achievements in science, engineering and technology tendencies possessing application facilities in information and optical systems:

  • Photonics and Optoinformatiсs;
  • Optical Engineering;
  • Automatic Control and Robotics;
  • Material Science and Nanotechnologies;
  • Computer Science;
  • Engineering and Technologies;
  • Modeling and Simulation;
  • Information Technologies in Education.


 The papers are accepted in Russian and English languages.

The authors’ materials submitted for publication should meet the following requirements: topicality of the research area, research scientific novelty, originality of the research issues and applied research methods, high scientific and practical significance of the obtained results.

Editorial staff is guided by the principles of journalistic ethics in its current activities. Editorial staff determines independently the manner and timing of publication for the papers on the basis of their scientific significance, the topics of each issue and preliminary quality of manuscripts.

The papers of any author can be accepted for publication, regardless of his place of residence, nationality and the availability of scientific degree, not containing previously published materials and not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere.

Acceptance of the papers for publication in the journal is performed continuously. The subject matter of each particular issue of the journal is defined by the list of topics. All submitted materials should be designed in accordance with the Requirements for manuscripts.

Scientific overviews, full-text and brief papers are being published.


Editorial staff provides a policy of maximum availability of published materials. All published materials are available on the journal website, on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library, platforms of foreign digital libraries and information databases, in the Internet. Printed copies of the journal are distributed by subscription.

The publisher is bearing all expenses for journal production and publication. Publication of papers is free of charge for the authors. Peer review is not paid.

Should the materials, published in "Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics" are being reproduced in other editions, a reference to the journal is required.

Free reproduction of personal materials, published in the journal, is allowed for informational, scientific, educational or cultural purposes in accordance with article 1273 and 1274, chapter 70, part IV of the Russian Federation Civil Code.

Other applications are possible only after the conclusion of appropriate written agreements with the editorial staff.

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