G. V. Nikandrov, E. S. Putilin, L. A. Gubanova, D. S. Starodubov

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The paper deals with creation of optical interferential coatings, giving the possibility to form the wave front without the change of energy characteristics of the incident and reflected radiation.  Correction is achieved due to the layer, which thickness is a function of coordinate of an optical element surface. Selection technique is suggested for refractive index materials, forming two-layer interference coating that creates a coating with a constant coefficient of reflection on the surface of the optical element. By this procedure the change of coefficient of reflection for the optical element surface, arising because of the variable thickness is eliminated. Magnesium oxide and zirconium dioxide were used as the film-forming materials. The paper presents experimentally obtained thickness distribution of the layer, which is a part of the phase compensating coating. A new class of optical coatings proposed in the paper can find its application for correcting the form of a wave front.

Keywords: wave front, interference coatings, dielectric layers, reflected radiation phase

Acknowledgements. The work was partially financially supported by the Russian Scientific Foundation (Agreement № 14-23-00136).

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