doi: 10.17586/2226-1494-2015-15-1-54-59


I. A. Dyomichev, A. I. Sidorov, N. V. Nikonorov, T. A. Shakhverdov

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For citation: Demichev I.A., Sidorov A.I., Nikonorov N.V., Shahverdov T.A. Formation of luminescent optical waveguides in silicate glass matrix by the ion-exchange technique. Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, 2015, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 54–59 (in Russian)


We present spectra of the alkali-silicate glasses with copper ions in near-surface area, introduced by ion exchange of different temperature and duration. It is shown that the reduction of Cu2+ in the near-surface area causes existence of Cu+ and neutral atoms in glass after the ion-exchange in divalent salt. The ion-exchange itself involves only Cu+ and Na+ ions. The formation of subnanometer clusters Cun is due to neutral copper atoms staying in near-surface zone. We have shown that the waveguide layer in near-surface area, made by ion-exchange, has а visible luminescence with the excitation by UVradiation. At the same time, the contribution to luminescence is made by Cu+ ions, molecular clusters Cun and by dimers Cu+ - Cu+ . During the high-temperature ion-exchange at 600 °С the formation and destruction equilibrium shift of molecular clusters Cun can be seen. An hour ion-exchange leads to molecular clusters Cun destruction, while at time periods less than 30 min and around 18 hours it leads to the formation of Cun. The sample turns green after 18,5 hours ion-exchange showing formation of a considerable amount of divalent copper ions Cu2+ therein.

Keywords: ion-exchange, copper, alkali-silicate glass, luminescence, luminescent waveguide

Acknowledgements. Работа выполнена при государственной финансовой поддержке Российского научного фонда (Соглашение № 14-23-00136).


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