doi: 10.17586/2226-1494-2015-15-2-338-345


P. V. Bulat, V. V. Upyrev, P. V. Denissenko

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For citation: Bulat P.V., Upyrev V.V., Denisenko P.V. Oblique shock wave reflection from the wall. Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, 2015, vol.15, no. 2, pp. 338–345.

Regular and Mach (irregular) reflection of an oblique shock wave from the wall is considered. Criteria for the transition from regular to irregular reflection are described: von Neumann criterion and the criterion for fixed Mach configuration. Specific incident shock wave intensities corresponding to the two criteria for the transition from regular to irregular reflection were plotted. The area of ambiguity solutions was demonstrated in which both regular and Mach reflection is not prohibited by the conditions of dynamic compatibility. Areas in which the transition from one type of reflection to another is possible only by a shock wave were described, as well as areas of a possible smooth transition. Dependence of the magnitude of this abrupt change in reflected discontinuity intensity from the intensity of the incident shock wave was plotted. Intensity dependences of the reflected discontinuity from the intensity of the shock wave incident on the wall for all types of reflections were shown.

Keywords: shock wave, Mach reflection, Neumann criterion, Neumann paradox.

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