doi: doi:10.17586/2226-1494-2015-15-3-373-377


S. V. Arkhipov, M. Grehn, S. V. Varzhel, V. E. Strigalev, N. Griga, H. J. Eichler

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For citation: Arkhipov S.V., Grehn M., Varzhel S.V., Strigalev V.E., Griga N., Eichler H.J. Point-by-point inscription of fiber Bragg gratings into birefringent optical fiber through protective acrylate coating by Ti:Sa femtosecond laser. Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, 2015, vol.15, no. 3, pp. 373–377.


The paper deals withpoint-by-point inscriptionof fiber Bragg gratings by the 800 nm Ti:Sa femtosecond laser pulses into a unique birefringent fiber with elliptical stress cladding of home manufacture. The proposed inscriptionmethod has advantages over the conventional phase mask method. The possibility to create complex grating structures and relatively high transparency of acrylate coating to the Ti:Sa femtosecond laser radiation of 800 nm gives the possibility for inscriptionof phase shifting gratings, chirped grating and superstructures without stripping the fiber. Also, this method makes it possible to inscribethese diffractive structures with and without co-doping of GeO2 in the fiber core. Achieved reflectance was 10%. The microscopic image of the diffractive structure in the fiber core is presented. The grating of 1.07 µm is realized by pulling the fiber with constant speed while the laser pulses are applied with a repetition frequency of 1 kHz. The results are usable in the sphere of creation of different fiber optic sensitive elements based on Bragg gratings.

Keywords: Bragg grating, femtosecond laser, point-by-point inscription, anisotropic fiber, acrylate coating.

Acknowledgements. The work was carried out in Technical University of Berlin and ITMO University under financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (project № 02.G25.31.0044)

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