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Legislative bases for the development of domestic enteral nutrition

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For citation: Korobeynikov A. G. Application of BIG DATA methods for INTERMAGNET data preprocessing. Journal of Instrument Engineering. 2023. Vol. 66, N 7. P. 533—538 (in Russian). DOI: 10.17586/0021-3454-2023-66-7-533-538.


We investigated fundamental legal documents concerning the requirements for production, turnover and use of enteral nutrition (EN) products, structured and analyzed them in order to build a generalized system of documents that are the basis for the production, identification of EN products, and the design of manufacturers’ technical documentation. The Russian EN market today is filled mainly with imported products, which, under the conditions of sanctions pressure, can become critical for the food supply of the country as a whole and the main consumers – patients with eating disorders – in particular. The objects of the study were documents that directly or indirectly include requirements for the production and turnover of EN products. Special attention was paid to national strategic planning documents to confirm the relevance of the development of domestic EN products. Search and selection of legal documents was carried out on the official Internet portals of legal information. The formation and development of a specialized food production sector specific to the food industry should be based on fundamental knowledges of such fields of science as medicine and the food industry. Only an integrated approach that takes into account the requirements of both industries allows to form a competitive market for high-quality domestic EN. The study objectives included the collection of fundamental requirements regarding the production, turnover and use of EN products, their structuring and analysis in order to form a generalized document system and identify regulatory framework problem areas that can be a hindrance both for the high-quality domestic EN production and for its implementation to end users – patients with eating disorders. Using of both hierarchical and faceted methods for classification and systematization documents alowed to develop a generalized hierarchical normative legal documents system in the part of the EN, which is necessary for the formation of basic requirements for the design of the EN products range and its subsequent implementation.

Keywords: food systems; enteral nutrition; regulations; dietary products

Acknowledgements. Исследование выполнено при финансовой поддержке Российского фонда фундаментальных исследований в рамках научного проекта (грант № 19-08-00865 А).


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