doi: 10.17586/2226-1494-2021-21-4-553-561

Kirshina A.A., Levikhin A.A., Kirshin A.Yu.
Numerical method for calculating the nozzle thrust of a wide-range rocket engine

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Беззатеев С.В., Елина Т.Н., Мыльников В.А., Лившиц И.И. Методика оценки рисков информационных систем на основе анализа поведения пользователей и инцидентов информационной безопасности // Научно-технический вестник информационных технологий, механики и оптики. 2021. Т. 21, № 4. С. 553–561. doi: 10.17586/2226-1494-2021-21-4-553-561


On April 21, 2022, the 29th General Annual Meeting of the International Academy of Refrigeration (IACH) was held at the St. Petersburg National Research University ITMO (ITMO University). The meeting was held in a mixed mode: in person and online on the ZOOM platform. The meeting was led by Professor of ITMO University, Academician V.A. Pronin. Academician A.V. Baranenko, President of the IACH, made a report on the activities of the Academy over the past period and tasks for the future. Member of the Audit Commission Academician E.I. Kiprushkina reported on the work of the Audit Commission of the IACH. According to the results of the elections, the Academy was replenished with 10 full members (academicians), 16 corresponding members and 5 academic advisers. Currently, the Academy has 1,756 members, including: 16 honorary academicians, 787 full members (academicians), 772 corresponding members and 181 academic advisors. The speakers were: General Director of LLC "Protein Plus" (St. Petersburg) Academician MAX V.N. Krasilnikov and Commercial Director of LLC "Cascade-Automation" (Moscow) corresponding member MAX K.A. According to the results of the General Annual Meeting of the Academy, a detailed resolution was adopted.

Keywords: model, research, heat distribution, starch, pectin, mound of raw materials, controlled, effects.

Acknowledgements. Исследование выполнено при финансовой поддержке Российского фонда фундаментальных исследований в рамках научного проекта (грант № 19-08-00865 А).

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