DOI: 10.17586/2226-1494-2018-18-5-719-726


A. V. Belikov, L. A. Ermolaeva, D. E. Korzhevsky, E. S. Sergeeva, Y. V. Semyashkina, M. M. Antropova, D. Y. Fedotov, I. K. Soldatov

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Belikov A.V., Ermolaeva L.A., Korzhevsky D.E., Sergeeva E.S., Semyashkina Yu.V., Antropova M.M., Fedotov D.Y., Soldatov I.K. Research of oral mucosa regeneration after fractional treatment by diode laser with 980 nm wavelength. Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, 2018, vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 719–726 (in Russian). doi: 10.17586/2226-1494-2018-18-5-719-726

Subject of Research. The paper presents the study of the oral mucosa reaction of experimental animals to fractional laser treatment by diode laser radiation with a wavelength of 980 nm. Methods. A single fractional laser treatment of oral mucosa was carried out in the experiment on Wistar laboratory rats at different exposure regimes: combinations of laser power from the range Р = 5-15 W, pulsewidth tp = 100-120 ms and the filling factor. The animals were taken out of the experiment immediately after exposure, on the 5th, 7th and 28th day after the treatment. For histological evaluation mucosal preparations were stained with hematoxylin and eosin, as well as aniline blue according to Masson. Thickness of mucosa layers and concentration of collagen fibers were defined as a result of computer processing of images of histological samples. Main Results. It was established that the mucous condition  depends significantly on the laser treatment regime and the time elapsed since the fractional treatment. When exposed to pulsed laser radiation with P = 5 W, tp = 100 msor P = 7 W, tp = 120 ms,at the filling factor F = 200±50 microdamages/cm2 the mucous regeneration has been completed on the 28th day after treatment, and for the other studied regimes it continues. After regeneration the thickness of the epithelial layer of the oral mucosa is less, and the thickness of the submucosal layer with lamina propria of mucosaand concentration of collagen fibers in the mucosa correspond to control. Practical Relevance. The obtained results are promising for further research on the reconstruction of thinning oral mucosa. 

Keywords: laser, radiation, regeneration, fractional treatment, filling factor, oral mucosa, collagen fibers, thickness, concentration, submucosal layer, mucosa lamina propria, epithelial layer

Acknowledgements. The study was carried out with the support of ITMO University, within the framework of R&D No. 617033 "Development of methods and devices of optical and quantum informatics" and R&D No. 713553 "Development of physical principles and systems of optical, fast and secure communications and remote sensing of objects".

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