P. Gritsenko, A. S. Kremlev, G. M. Shmyhelskiy

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Software product including visualizer and quadrocopter control program for solving the problem of the flight path formation and tracking is developed. Application is designed to control quadrocopter automatically in places where it is impossible to capture the signal from a satellite (GPS) or to use extra sensors, and a detailed plan of a site or a building is given. It can also be used in various technical systems to solve problems in situations when a human intervention is necessary. Algorithm implementation in respect to the quadrocopter makes it possible to avoid the constant communication of quadrocopter with the station and consequently reduces power consumption and has the advantage of protection from interception. Testing of this software application has been made on Ar Drone quadrocopter manufactured by Parrot Company. As a result of the program testing, quadrocopter repeated the desired trajectory with an error of no more than 5%.

Keywords: quadrocopter, trajectory control, UAV, flight along the trajectory

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