N. Mustyukov, T. M. Zubkova

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The extrusion process is the process of products recycling in the extruder by softening or plasticization and giving them a desired shape when bursting through the die head, section of nozzles corresponds to the configuration of the product. The resulting products after extrusion processing are complex chemical composition and possess a complex of various properties that make up the totality of the product quality and should be taken into account when calculating the technological machines and improving them. This article describes the use of genetic algorithm and methods of expert evaluation at the stage of parametric synthesis of auger pressing mechanism design. In particular, software solution for maximization problem of extruder efficiency by varying the geometrical and structural parameters is given. As a result of this software application it was managed to increase the efficiency of basic construction (3.1%) to 6.8% by adjusting the size of the screw, the conversion designs meet the imposed restrictions. Obtained results prove that software can be used by engineers for the design of new and improvement of existing extrusion technique models.

Keywords: extrusion technique, genetic algorithm, optimization model, simulation model, software system

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