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The paper deals with the precision control for the parameters of manufactured paper production, such as various kinds of paper and photo paper for printing. Research of untreated, matte, glossy and laminated paper is conducted by atomic force microscopy by means of educational and scientific scanning probe microscope NanoEducator LE in the framework of this paper. Visualization of characteristic structure for each type of studied paper was conducted, histogram of roughness was obtained, and average roughness of height differences was defined. A laminated paper has got the lowest roughness (Ra of about 70 nm) and glossy paper has got Ra of about 170 nm; roughness of untreated paper with cellulose fibers is about 530-540 nm, and matte paper has got the highest roughness parameters (Ra about 670-680 nm). Scanning probe microscopy application for parameters monitoring of cellulosic paper production is shown to give the possibility of such microscopy type application in the production of paper products and high-precision control of its parameters.

Keywords: paper, atomic force microscopy, roughness, photo paper, scanning probe microscope

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