P. V. Bulat, A. A. Lebedev, Y. N. Makarov

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The paper deals with creation of heteropolytypes instrument structures on silicon carbide for power devices not subjected to degradation of electrical properties. The phenomenon of polytypism is considered. Characteristics of different SiC polytypes are given. Information is cited about the causes and effects for degradation of p-n -structures of power devices based on SiC at large density direct current passing. It is shown that hetero-transitions between SiC polytypes may have more structural perfection than hetero-transitions between semiconductors with different chemical nature. Conclusion is made about application prospects for heterostructures based on 3C-SiC polytype in devices of modern power electronics. A brief overview of the possible methods for 3C-SiC single crystals growth is done. A basic scheme for creation of heteropolytype 3C-SiC structures based on substrates of 6H-SiC polytype is suggested.

Keywords: silicon carbide, polytype, polytypeness, sublimation epitaxy, heteropolytype structures, 3C-SiC

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