V. A. Gostev, E. A. Pitukhin, A. S. Ustinov, D. A. Yakovleva

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Research results for the composite material (CM) water glass–graphite microparticles with high thermal stability and thermal insulation properties are given. A composition consisting of graphite (42 % by weight), water glass Na2O(SiO2)n (50% by weight) and the hardener - sodium silicofluoric Na2SiF6 (8% by weight). Technology of such composition receipt is suggested. Experimental samples of the CM with filler particles (graphite) and a few microns in size were obtained. This is confirmed by a study of samples by X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy. The qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of the CM structure is done. Load limit values leading to the destruction of CM are identified. The character of the rupture surface is detected. Numerical values of specific heat and thermal conductivity are defined. Dependence of the specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity on temperature at monotonic heating is obtained experimentally. Studies have confirmed the increased thermal insulation properties of the proposed composition. CM with such characteristics can be recommended as a coating designed to reduce heat losses and resistant to high temperatures. Due to accessibility and low cost of its components the proposed material can be produced on an industrial scale.

Keywords: composite material, thermal insulation properties, water glass, graphite filler, X-ray analysis, specific heat, thermal conductivity

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