Aliev Rayimjon

Work place: Andijan State University, Andijan, 170100, Uzbekistan
Post: Full Professor
Degree: D.Sc
Scopus ID: 7102561277
ORCID: 0000-0003-1986-2199
Abduvohidov M. K., Aliev R., Gulomov J.
A study of the influence of the base thickness on photoelectric parameters of silicon solar cells with the new TCAD algorithms 

The article was published in issue 5, volume 21, 2021
Mirzaalimov A., Gulomov J., Aliev R., Mirzaalimov N., Aliev S.
A study of silicon p-n structures with mono and multifacial photosensitive surfaces 

The article was published in issue 1, volume 22, 2022
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