Nevedomskii Vladimir N.

Work place: Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, 194021, Russian Federation
Post: Senior Researcher
Scopus ID: 26536321700
ORCID: 0000-0002-7661-9155
Andryushkin V. V., Dragunova A. S., Komarov S. D., Nadtochiy A. M., Gladyshev A. G., Babichev A. V., Uvarov A. V., Novikov I. I., Kolodeznyi E. S., Karachinsky L. Y., Kryzhanovskaya N. V., Nevedomskii V. N., , Bougrov V. E.
Influence of low temperatures and thermal annealing on the optical properties of InGaPAs quantum dots

The article was published in issue 5, volume 22, 2022
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