Only basic SI units or multiples are applied for the representation of physical units. Other units can be only tabular (permitted along with the major SI units).

Physical quantities and multiple prefixes are written by Latin letters. If the value is denoted by a fraction, its denominator is put within brackets, for example,  W/(m•K).

The temperature may be measured in degrees Celsius (° C), or in Kelvin (K).Only one temperature scale should be used within the paper. Overheating (i.e. "temperature difference") is measured in Kelvin (K).

Specification of measurement units for variables, if they comply with the SI, for the formulas is not necessary. An exception is the case of substitution of specific values in the formula ​​as an example, or if the formula contains a numerical conversion factor.

For example, Ohm's law:

I = U / R;


λ = 300 /f, where f is the frequency, MHz;λ is the wavelength, m.

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