Editorial staff activity of "Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics" is focused on raising general public knowledge and awareness about the findings of research carried out both in Russia and abroad. The objectives of the journal publication are:

  • to promote international cooperation
  • to render assistance for carrying out interdisciplinary research on the most up-to-date world-wide level
  • to increase the availability for exchange of stored knowledge and experience between professional scientists

Editorial staff accepts for consideration the original, never previously published papers on the remit of the journal dealing with the new scientific results received personally by the authors (with the exception of materials of scientific conferences). Overviews are also published describing the current state of topical development tendencies in science and technology, information about conferences, materials of scientific discussions and new books reviews.

Editorial staff accepts for publication papers by both Russian and foreign authors, as well as in collaboration of Russian and foreign experts working on joint projects.

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