A. A. Isaeva, A. V. Neustroev

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The paper deals with the results of Monte Carlo simulation of light propagation in a media with complex structure and dynamics by an original speckle-correlometry approach based on ring-like apertures and localized source of probe light. The «dynamic» lengthy objects with different geometry and depth location in the «static» inhomogeneous layer imitating biotissues with different characteristics of blood microcirculation were chosen as simulated media. The backscattering coefficient of laser light for the simulated media evaluated as a ratio of the «dynamic» partial components of the backscattered field to the full backscattered field is obtained. At the same time the «dynamic» partial components of the backscattered field and the full backscattered field are detected by the ring detector with the set value of ring aperture radius. The depth location of «dynamic» lengthy objects was determined analyzing the results of the dependence of the backscattering coefficient on the ring detector radii. It was also shown that the dependences of the backscattering coefficient on the ring detector radius in the case of probed media with different optical properties and containing the «dynamic» lengthy object with different geometric sizes can be described by the δ-like function. But the displacement of the peak value of δ-like function can be caused by the change of the scattering anisotropy factor

Keywords: scattering, laser light, speckles, simulated media

Acknowledgements. The work has been carried out under financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

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