V. K. Balya, V. Bulgakova, I. Y. Denisyuk

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The article deals with simple and effective method for obtaining of high-density surface coverage microlens raster by polymer film thermoforming using the matrix obtained by laser ablation of black rubber by laser graver. Microlens arrays with focal lengths equal to 0.5 mm and 1.2 mm depending on heat treatment duration are received. Microlens rasters provide visible motion effect: with observation point changing, various parts of micro image become visible and as the visible image is enlarged and synthesized from great number of elementary images, the "floating" image effect is observed. Microlens rasters were used for metal master matrix fabrication by electrotyping and subsequent obtaining of polymeric copies on film by hot embossing.

Keywords: thermoforming, microlens, laser ablation, polymer, motion effect

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