A. Gapeeva, A. Kovaleva, T. V. Tochilina

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Spherical surfaces, forming a stigmatic image of the object center point, are shown to be a special case of the surfaces obtained by Cartesian oval rotating; surfaces of the first and second type form the aplanatic image of the object. Image astigmatism is shown not to be dependent on the thickness of aplanatic meniscus. However, the increase of meniscus thickness causes the petsvaleva curvature decrease of the image surface and the reduction of the longitudinal meridional and sagittal astigmatism components. It is shown that at high numerical aperture, transmittance of incident light beams aplanatic surface of the first type falls sharply, thus increasing the coefficient of light polarization.

Keywords: aplanatic points, meniscus, astigmatism, transmittance, polarization

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