T. Krasnoperova

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The paper deals with theoretical problems of national innovative system formation and the author's definition, which noted the evolutionary character of its development as a subsystem of the economic system, realization of economic interests as an activity goal and financing as an indispensable condition for innovation. The main principles of the national innovation system are defined and proved: integrity, focus, optimality, hierarchy, coordination of actions between all elements of the system and evolutionary development. The structure and hierarchy of function levels is shown, core and supporting; functions of the financial component and its role in ensuring of innovation development are defined. The structure of national innovation system of Russia is presented with consideration of its development peculiarities. According to the author, it is divided into the Federal and regional (along a vertical); into the subsystems according the types of activity depending on the nature of financing source (along a horizontal), as well as organizations within NIS, realizing the creation, commercialization and financing of innovations, personnel training.

Keywords: national innovative system, banking sector, system principles, innovative development, financial security

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