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The paper deals with usage of monoblock emitters for melting of synthetic fatty acids, which are delivered to plants in a solid state and are used in the production of detergents as liquids. In such emitters all lamps are arranged in a common case. Irradiation of the solid phase in the direction of the channel melting axis is done through an output quartz window. This method excludes the possibility of slowing down or stopping the process when one of the tubes is overheated. Halogen lamps are used as light sources, each one is placed in individual transparent body. Combined effect of thermal power supply and the light emission should provide a significant increase in the rate of the channel melting in the solid phase of the synthetic fatty acid. The results of evaluations for achievable rates of the channel melting in the solid phase of the synthetic fatty acids are presented. Melting of the channel with one meter depth can be reached in less than an hour when eight halogen lamps of 100 W power are used. To exclude the possibility of self-ignition of the liquid phase of synthetic fatty acid it is proposed to adjust the luminosity of the emitter and the surface temperature by selecting the number of lamps in the monoblock emitter cavity. The usage of cylindrical quartz tube as a case for monoblock emitter increases the diameter of the melting channel due to side effects of light on the solid and liquid phases.

Keywords: melting of chemical agents, synthetic fatty acids, light emission, halogen lamps

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