Tikhmenev Nikolay V.

Work place: Public Stock Company "Electropribor", Tambov, 392000, Russian Federation JSC " GosNIIP", Moscow, 129226, Russian Federation,
Post: Technical supervisor, Chief Specialist
Degree: PhD
E-mail: Nik-tikhmenev@yandex.ru
Tikhmenev N. V., Zakurnaev S. A., Ozarenko A. V., Bystritsky V. S., Myagkov S. A., Stolyarov R. A., Chechetov K. E., Korshunov S. E. INFLUENCE OF SURFACE TREATMENT AND PURIFICATION METHODS OF CO-115M GLASS-CERAMICS ON OPTICAL CONTACT STRENGTH
The article was published in issue 4, volume 16, 2016
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