A. Golubok, V. Levichev, V. Matyzhonok, A. Stovpyaga

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The piezoelectric sensor for scanning probe microscope with a probe in the form of a glass micropipette for
scanning ion-conductance microscopy has been made. Resonant frequency and Q-quality of the sensor have been
measured in the air and liquid environments. Nanotip has been created for spatial resolution improvement of a
microprobe by means of the focused ion beam at a pipette butt end. Using a test grid, the spatial resolution of a
microprobe with nanotip is shown. The conclusion about an opportunity of using the sensor with a micropipette
in the liquid environment with simultaneous activity in semi contact force mode and in a mode of measurement
of ionic currents has been made.

Keywords: scanning ion-conductance microscope, micropipette

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