A. V. Shchelokova, P. V. Kapitanova, P. A. Belov

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The paper presents a review on hyperbolic metamaterials which are normally described by the permittivity and permeability tensors with the components of the opposite sign. Therefore, the hyperbolic metamaterials have the hyperbolic isofrequency surfaces in the wave vector space. It leads to a number of unusual properties, such as the negative refraction, the diverging density of photonic states, ultra-high rate of spontaneous emission and increasing of subwavelength fields. The presence of the unique properties mentioned above makes the concept of hyperbolic metamaterials promising for research in modern science and explains the attempts of research groups around the world to realize structures with hyperbolic isofrequency curve suitable for applications in different frequency ranges. Hyperbolic metamaterials realized as layered metal-dielectric structures, arrays of nanowires, graphene layers, as well as artificial transmission lines are considered in the paper. Possible practical applications of hyperbolic metamaterials are described including hyperlens able to increase the nanoscale objects; wire mediums applied for spectroscopy to improve the resolution and increasing the distance to the object being scanned. Hyperbolic metamaterials are noted to be extremely promising for applications in nanophotonics, including single-photon generation, sensing and photovoltaics.

Keywords: metamaterial, hyperbolic metamaterial, hyperbolic isofrequency surface

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