S. V. Shavetov, A. A. Vedyakov, A. A. Pyrkin

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The paper deals with the architecture for the universal remote control system of robotics objects over the Internet global network. Control objects are assumed to be located at a considerable distance from a reference device or end-users. An overview of studies on the subject matter of remote control of technical objects is given. A structure chart of the architecture demonstrating the system usage in practice is suggested. Server software is considered that makes it possible to work with technical objects connected to the server as with a serial port and organize a stable tunnel connection between the controlled object and the end-user. The proposed architecture has been successfully tested on mobile robots Parallax Boe-Bot and Lego Mindstorms NXT. Experimental data about values of time delays are given demonstrating the effectiveness of the considered architecture.

Keywords: remote control, mobile robots, control over the Internet

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