Kurapeev Dmitry I.

Work place: Almazov National Medical Research Centre, Saint Petersburg, 197341, Russian Federation
Post: Chief Information Officer
Degree: PhD
E-mail: dkurapeev@gmail.com
Scopus ID: 57225231263
ORCID: 0000- 0002-2190-1495
Kurapeev D. I., Lushnov M. S., Man T., Zhukova N. A.
Imputation and system modeling of acid-base state parameters for different groups of patients 

The article was published in issue 1, volume 22, 2022
Korsakov I. N., Karonova T. L., Konradi A. O., Rubin A. D., Kurapeev D. I., Chernikova A. T., Mikhaylova A. A., Shlyakhto E. V.
Korsakov I.N., and others
Prediction of fatal outcome in patients with confirm COVID-19

The article was published in issue 5, volume 22, 2022
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